Dr. Strange and his not so perfect watch storage sollution

On Friday I went and saw the new MCU movie, Dr. Strange. Aside from being awesome it showed his watch collection and prominently displayed his favorite watch which was a Jaeger-LeCoultre Ultra thin perpetual.

Here’s a picture:

Dr. Strange's favorite watch
Dr. Strange’s favorite watch


Aside from being a great watch it’s nice to see a wealthy superhero have taste! ¬†He first pulls this watch out at the beginning of the movie from his drawer of watch winders.

My comments here are about his maintenance of his watches and not about his watches themselves (sorry to disappoint you! ūüôā )

For those of you that don’t know what a watch winder is, and why you would need one, let me start with that. ¬†A watch winder is designed for owners of automatic timepieces to keep their watches wound and running properly. ¬†By keeping them wound and running it will lead to a lower chance of unscheduled maintenance and puts less strain on crowns when they need to be unscrewed constantly if the watch is not on a winder and has stopped.

The automatic movement winds when the rotor spins and winds the mainspring and the winder will spin either clockwise or counter clockwise, depending on its setting and brand, which will cause the rotor to spin around. ¬†This works best when the watch is vertical. ¬†Gravity will naturally pull the rotor toward the ground as long as it is moving freely. ¬†The winder will turn thereby winding the watch. ¬†This does not really work as well when the watch is horizontal, like the way Dr. Strange keeps them in his drawer. ¬†If the watch is horizontal, gravity can’t do it’s job and pull the rotor. ¬†Here is a picture of how the Sorcerer Supreme keeps his watches:

Dr. Strange's watch collection drawer

This way of storing his watches is OK from a design standpoint but not ideal.  If you buy a watch winder, and we carry both Wolf Designs and Orbita, you should keep it vertical so you can see the watch and so gravity can do its job and help wind your watch properly.  He should have built a wall safe that looks like this:

Orbita 4 unit in safe
Orbita 4 unit in safe

Brilliant character with great taste, but not the most practical person, which now that I think about it, fits his personality!

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